Using your company logo, colour scheme and corporate branding we can create a professional mobile web presence which will place your business in the forefront of the mobile revolution.
According to a recent study by Morgan Stanley, the mobile web will surpass traditional internet usage by 2015. Smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones are on the increase and with more people than ever using mobile devices to access the internet, online businesses need to adapt quickly in order to cater for this new market.

In spite of the statistics, the majority of websites have not been optimised for mobile devices, and a growing number of website visitors are unable to view traditional websites as intended.

For example, most full size websites employ a 2 or 3 column layout to accommodate navigation and content. As a rule, this kind of layout does not work well for mobile devices. Similarly, wide images are problematic on mobile devices and in many cases it is necessary to scroll horizontally to view images properly.

Sites optimised for mobiles devices work best with a single column layout, with navigation and content presented vertically within the viewport. Large images need to be reduced in size, replaced with an alternative image or removed altogether.

In most cases it will be easier to create a separate mobile optimised site rather than trying to retrofit an existing site to accommodate mobile. Creating a simplified, or cut down version of the main website is also a good strategy for mobile sites. It’s important to remember that mobile visitors have different goals than desktop visitors and normally want to find the main information about your business as quickly and easily as possible.

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