Designing and building your website is a major achievement and cause for celebration. However, for most companies web development is an ongoing task which includes adding new content and keeping existing information up-to-date. While we are more than happy to take care of all your web development needs, you may decide that a content management system (CMS) is a good option for your website. A CMS will allow you to make changes to your own website without the need for any specialised technical skills. With the right CMS you can save money in the long run by maintaining and developing your site in-house.

Content management systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and there is no single solution which meets the needs of all websites. At Currant, we have a wealth of experience with many different types of systems and can find exactly the solution to meet your requirements. For complex projects we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs while for more simple tasks we’ll find a solution out of the box.

For a start we have our own in-house CMS (Plummo) with an entire suite of powerful features including a full CMS and image editor, a logo and stationery designer, an ecommerce module, a customer and news registration system, a press release module, discussion forums and much more. For further information about our CMS visit the Plummo website.

We also have experience with a range of third party CMS systems including Joomla and Drupal the most popular open source CMS solutions. These powerful CMS systems are used by companies wordwide to power some of the most successful websites on the planet.

For clients who only require limited content editing facilities we can supply a very simple online CMS with very low set-up costs and an affordable monthly fee.

To contact us about your CMS requirements call us now on 024 7655 1111 for an informal chat or send us a message and we’ll get back to you.